I am the sort of person who very frequently ponders who I am. "What do you like to do?" is a question that asks a usually rather small part of who someone is. But as a doer, I feel that the activities I love are a hugely defining piece of my existence.

I like to connect with people and landscapes. I don't feel happiest in crowds, or alone. I rarely prefer to be inside. I'm most drawn to deserts and mountains. I like to be far from society, and I like to be there for a long time. Multiple days, preferably. I don't like to sit still. I like to move. Movement engages my body, makes me feel healthy and free, and gets me to places few people go.

I don't like to have motors move me, I like to move myself. Movement via my feet and hands is the most obvious and simple method, and I find this infinitely entertaining. Hiking, running, and best of all - scrambling - those are what make me feel alive. But I don't like to let it stop there.

Sometimes I use tools to add to the joy and efficiency of movement in certain types of landscapes. Bikes, skis, packrafts, and ropes are my choices, and I have been set on those for quite a while now. Skis and packrafts are perhaps my most favorite, and I try to take of advantage of every opportunity to use them because opportunities are rare where I live. Since 2021, bikes have fallen to the backburner because of my focus on backcountry experiences, but are still my favorite way to get outside quickly at home. Ropes have been a big part of my life and got me to some of the most unbelievable places, but they scare me. To be honest, I like to avoid them. I prefer to trust my body, and employ ropes only where necessary.

I most frequently do these things with my awesome wife, Joelle. We have been married since October 2019 and lived in a tiny house in Flagstaff together from before that until June 2023. Outside of recreation, we enjoy the pursuit of simple, sustainable living and are endlessly searching for ways to make a positive impact on those around us through meaningful careers, and sharing our passions with others.

Backpacking Guide

Work with a private company showing guests the joys of backcountry foot travel primarily in the Grand Canyon but also in the Central Rockies.

Master of Forestry

-Coursework and project at Northern Arizona University

-Authored a biocrust restoration manual - A step by step guide for land managers to restore biocrusts based on recent research

-Work with Dr. Anita Antoninka and Dr. Matt Bowker