Shelter Journal

My experience with different shelters is not extensive, but I find them fascinating and have some thoughts about what works well for me. I needed a place to put those thoughts besides the notes on my phone, so this is that.

Unneeded 2013-2015

-no rain or mosquitos in the desert. Scorpions, yes. But I'm still unscathed

Alps Mountaineering something - 2015

-brought it whenever water was in the picture

-got wet every time due to pooling on the roof soaking through

MSR Hubba Hubba - 2016

-went for the holy grail straight away

-not the lightest, but a traditional freestanding tent never will be, so if we're going to have one of those, this is still the one I want

-Joelle and I's first purchase together, and it's served us well for a long time

Hyperlite Ultamid - 2020

-i started becoming UL-curious and wasn't sure which Mid I would go for. Then, this came up at SMR for $300 with the drape net included

-dope. Bomber, room for 3 barely, light, versatile

-if it had come with the bathtub inner, I'd probably still have it. But that became a mandatory option, and it cost $400 because HMG are snobby assholes

-$400 is more than some entire tents cost, and I became less sold on DCF. This, I sold it for profit and moved onto the next

REI Flash Air 2

-I was working at REI so I gave it a try

-too short for me

-not versatile due to: inability to use natural anchors. Single wall design. I want a 2p to be double wall so the components can be used individually

Durston Xmid 2p - 2020

-this is it. Cheap, light enough, versatile, well designed and made. Still love it completely.

Gossamer The One - 2021

-I wanted to try out a UL 1p for summer. Worth it. Love the weight and ease of use. I always bring it, and always need it. Integrated bug protection is a win for the summer mountains.

-it's not a forever thing. I'm not a big solo tripper, and won't be doing that so much post-summer